LETTER: Go green to save coastal towns

I would just like to comment on the article on flood prevention.

West Sussex as a county council are accepting all licences applied for by UK Oil and Gas in Billingshurst and Angus Energy in Bognor to begin with, plus others in the pipeline. These will lead to fracking and acidisation which in their turn lead to methane and many other noxious gases escaping into the atmosphere or being flared off. Methane is 87 times more powerful than carbon dioxide over a 20 year period at raising earth’s temperatures and hence speeding up the ice melt and sea level rise.

Even in Brighton Museum there is a display that confirms the inevitable six feet rise by 2100 if we drastically cut our fossil fuel use. However, West Sussex is glibly going to exacerbate climate change and then the museum warns, as do many other studies, it could be 600 feet. Telling us to wear bright colours and sweep leaves away from drains, just is completely tragic as a solution to flooding in Sussex. Councillors are responsible for our futures.

Their understanding of scientific evidence is thus not only abysmal, but by the end of the century could see our properties underwater and worthless. We have to sacrifice the already tumbled in value shares the council has in oil and gas, and move to renewables and better public transport if we want to preserve our beautiful coastal towns.

Julia Owen

Lyndhurst Road, Worthing