LETTER: Fabulous live show at theatre

I’ve watched and waited for a few weeks and know it’s not going to happen – the review of Legally Blonde which was staged at the Windmill Theatre in Littlehampton by the Littlehampton Musical Comedy Society during the summer.

This fabulous live show was played to packed audiences at every performance.

This followed five months of hard work by the cast and crew, rehearsing sometimes up to three times a week including Sundays.

We all enjoyed performing the show for our audience but alas we had nobody from the Littlehampton Gazette to review our show.

In the ‘old days’ Brian Shewry would be ever-present and word would get backstage that he was in the auditorium watching the production on a particular night and this would add to the excitement for us all.

We are lucky to have friends and members of our society who do take the trouble to write in and say how much they enjoyed our show(s) and we in turn enjoy reading these letters.

But I, for one, miss those days of scouring the Gazette to see what Mr Shewry thought of the shows.

So come on, Littlehampton Gazette, get your notebook out and send a representative to watch these wonderful shows that are performed by us and many of the local amateur groups.

Mrs Gina Penn

LMCS member,

St Mary’s Close