LETTER: Eccentric action in Littlehampton

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How sad, but totally unsurprising, that Arun District Council has chosen to pick on the owner who lives in the only house in a formerly delightful Victorian terrace that has not been ruined by the fitting of inappropriate replacements of plastic windows doors and other unsympathetic features (Whispering Smith column, Gazette, April 23).

Arun’s planning and compliance officer Samantha Allen demands an explanation into the reason for his ‘unusual display’ of a Dalmatian dog hanging out of a first floor window and a mannequin in the top floor window and suggests this situation may initiate anti-social behaviour.

Does she mean passers-by being amused by his displays of individuality? Is he encouraging debate and discussion about what is art and what is eccentricity? My goodness, how shocking is that?

Would Samantha’s time not be better spent controlling the activities of national supermarkets and housing developers who are blighting our community with their huge and architecturally fifth-rate buildings?

Jane Wood

South Terrace


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