LETTER: Development questions...

Reference your article in last week’s Shoreham Herald, regarding the proposed plans for the Free Wharf and construction of nine blocks of flats on it, I would ask the following questions:-

1) Where are the GPs coming from to treat these new residents? It is bad enough trying to get an appointment already?

2) Where are the additional educational facilities coming from?

3 ) What about water, gas, electric services being impacted upon?

4) Where are the hospital services coming from, having over the last few years seen the demolition of that fine hospital, Southlands?

5) How can it not impact on the roads when the journey to Worthing (approximately eight miles away ), can now take up to nearly an hour to traverse due to the current high volume of traffic?

The A27 through Lancing and Worthing is at a standstill, with no bypass planned and the A259 almost the same.

Perhaps someone would confirm who carried out the traffic study? Was it Goofy, Daffy Duck or Mr Magoo?

B.L. Turrell

Nursery Close