LETTER: Concern over crossing A259

I wish to highlight the closure of the popular traffic light pedestrian crossing outside the Aquarena and the blocking of the pavement immediately outside the Aquarena due to building works.

Many people use this crossing to access Splashpoint on the south side of the busy Brighton Road (A259). There are alternative traffic light pedestrian crossing points both to the west (at Beach House Park) and to the east.

However, the latter is difficult to access from Splashpoint due to the blocked pavement.

The reason given for the closure is that builders’ lorries will need to access the Aquarena site from Brighton Road at this point, as the other roads next to the Aquarena are too narrow for them. There is little information at the closed crossing as to why it has been closed, for how long and how best to cross the Brighton Road safely. Given the number of people, including children, who use Splashpoint and who wish to access it from the east, it is a shame that more consideration has not been given to maintaining a safe place to cross the busy Brighton Road at this point.

My concern is that, due to the general inconvenience of the current arrangements for pedestrians and lack of information, people will continue to cross the busy A259 at this point but without the benefit of the traffic lights and may also use the road to bypass the blocked pavement.

Frances Hirst

Highgrove Gardens