LETTER: Code breakers in Angmering driving me mad

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Your letters

I would like to comment on what seems to be a total disregard of the law by quite a large minority of drivers.

As an example, take the traffic calming chicanes on the approach to Angmering Village from the A259.

On two occasions recently I have been travelling south from the village centre where, against my priority, traffic has forced its way around the chicane in the opposite direction, forcing me to take avoiding action!

On all three chicanes going south from the village, it clearly states on the direction arrows that southbound traffic has priority and rule 153 of the Highway Code gives very clear instructions on this. I would add that, in a court of law, the rules of the Highway Code are always used.

Another example of bad driving which I witness almost every day, is drivers proceeding across light-controlled pedestrian crossings through the red light, when pedestrians have started to cross.

Surely it is time to re-test all drivers, say every five years, to ensure that a safe standard of driving is being maintained on our roads.

Laurie Griffiths

Peregrine Road


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