LETTER: A27 solution is a new bypass

Confirmation from Transport Secretary Chris Grayling that alternative schemes to improve the A27 between Worthing and Lancing will be explored is good news.

I chair the Bypass Not A27 Throughpass residents’ action group and we want a proper relief road to the north of Worthing and Lancing.

Highways England have said that our proposal for a relief road (northern route) along the A283 Steyning Road to the Washington Roundabout, then along the A24 and across an upgraded Long Furlong to rejoin the existing A27, would cost between £500million and £600million. That’s around double the cost of the money set aside for an Arundel bypass.

Arundel already has one bypass and that’s for a town of just over 4,200 people.

Worthing, Sompting and Lancing is home to over 127,000 people.

We would not want to stop Arundel getting a shiny new bypass to solve the horrendous congestion there, but think it is only fair that Worthing and Lancing get one, too!

Some simple maths shows how our route is cheaper per resident. Around 4,200 people live in Arundel, so if £260million is spent on their bypass, that works out at nearly £62,000 per resident.

In Worthing, Lancing and Sompting, there are about 127,000 residents. At the higher estimate of £600million, that would cost under £5,000 per resident!

If Highways England come up with proposals for dualling the existing online route, that would cause massive traffic chaos during construction and divide Worthing.

It would cause massive upset for people who live close to the route who would inevitably have their homes compulsorily purchased and not solve the problem at peak times. We’re prepared for a battle! We look forward to both of Worthing’s members of Parliament doing what former Worthing MP Terence Higgins did – listen to their electorate. At every major public meeting, nearly every person has said that Worthing needs a proper bypass.

Your constituents want you to fight for Worthing’s best interests and fight for the £500million to £600million that’s needed for a bypass to the north of the Worthing, Sompting and Lancing.

Information about the group and how to join the campaign is available at www.bypassnota27throughpass.org

Jack Delbridge

Chair, Bypass Not A27 Throughpass Residents’ Action Group

Broadview Gardens,