It’s yes to sugar tax

Why has the Herald published a letter from someone in Bath on the subject of a sugar tax?

In case anyone is interested here is the view of a local:

In July I decided to do something about my waistline and general fitness. So joined a gym which I visit twice a week. But I was told that would not be enough. I would also have to look at my diet.

The only change I have made is to cut down on sugars, so no bars of chocolate, no biscuits with a cup of tea, no Starbucks lattes, etc.

The result has been a loss of at least 20lbs in five months and a 32 inch waistline.

I am always suspicious of the motives of people who bang on about a ’nanny state’. The government should be doing all it can to reduce obesity levels and a sugar tax has to be a part of that surely.

John Turley

Dominion Road