Heritage at risk

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Your letters

General and local elections are fast approaching, as Arun District Council Conservative cabinet member Paul Dendle tells us in his monthly slot in a community magazine circulating in Arundel.

We would hope that, being a councillor, he would listen to the people of Littlehampton.

The sign of civilised thinking is that there is a balance of the short term interests of one generation against the values enshrined in the past, and the rights of the future generation to share that past.

Since the dawn of time, communities have treasured their history. What would be left of Littlehampton if Arun District Council has its way?

Our treasured seafront would become nothing more than a jungle of concrete flats and our historic Windmill Entertainment Centre bulldozed to make way for a Travelodge.

Littlehampton will have lost all its unique character. Do the Arun cabinet members care? Of course not, as not one of them lives in Littlehampton, and yet they seem to tell us what we want.

No, Mr Dendle, you do not need consultants costing thousands of pounds to tell you how to redevelop the town, you merely need to listen to the people.

Let’s all take a vote on that.

Norma Matthews

South Terrace


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