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Just to add a little to the letter from Keith Overington (Gazette, January 29) about the tethered horse, beside the road south of Yapton.

In the Lifescape magazine last year, Jan Eachus, a chief inspector of the RSPCA, stated the Five Freedoms expected by the RSPCA which an animal must have to live up to their standards:-

1: freedom from hunger and thirst;

2: freedom from discomfort – was this horse?

3: freedom from pain, injury and disease;

4: freedom to express normal behaviour – this one the horse definitely did not have, tied to a stake for six months, completely on its own (it is a herd animal, which should live in groups). In six months, it probably did not run or walk anywhere;

5: freedom from fear and distress – the horse was right beside a noisy, busy road, alone.

This may be the time to try for laws against tethering.

Ange Rawlings

Glenville Road


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