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Your letters

Is there a need for local councillors any more? I have spoken to two councillors about six months ago, and another two, two months ago, and two more, as well as giving them a letter on December 15, 2012.

All of these inquiries have been made at the Arundel farmers’ market each month, where town councillors have a stall. Each time I have raised the same issue of illegal and dangerous parking, putting lives at risk.

I have found in Arundel, over the past two years of trying to protect people crossing a road, cars, vans, etc parking on the bend, blocking their view of drivers trying to pull out onto the road, having to enter up to the middle before seeing if anything was coming.

The very same road has regular parking on pathways, making those with wheelchairs, prams, etc having to walk in the road, and cars crossing pavements where they have no dropped kerbs, which is also breaking the law.

I have asked for yellow lines on the bends and for traffic wardens to fine people for illegal parking, just as we have in the town, and consider this as only fair to have in Fitzalan Road, too.

In fact, there are probably more people living in our

road than there are in High Street.

There was even land taken from houses in Fitzalan Road for a car park some years ago, but it is still sitting there unused, when it would sure help solve some of the problems.

I have now spoken to probably all the town councillors who take turns to be on the market day stall over the past two-and-a-half years and only one of them, Mrs Ann Harriott, has replied, telling me how they don’t get paid, and have no real power to solve it.

So, is it time to call it a day and try elsewhere?

Have our Arundel councillors forgotten why they serve as councillors, as well as having the common decency to reply to letters sent to them? How much time do we allow for action on law-breaking issues?

G.C.D. Keane

Fitzalan Road


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