Did you receive £200 in the post from the mystery millionaire?

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You may have seen some of the local newspaper reports from around the country over the last couple of weeks about me being an amateur writer and how something very bizarre happened to me last year which resulted in me writing a book for a multi-millionaire who gives his money away to complete strangers.

I thought it may be of interest to you too as around five people from Littlehampton also probably still very confused – like numerous others up and down the country – as to why they received an anonymous Christmas card with £200 inside it!

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In March last year I was in a pay-and-display car park and as I was getting a ticket from the machine this guy approached me and asked me if I had a pound I could give him as he’d left the house without his wallet and had no change for a ticket.

I actually started laughing and asked him was he taking the mickey (though I did use a different term for it which was slightly stronger!). I also thought it was being filmed for one of those prank-type TV programmes where members of the public are set up, and I looked around for hidden cameras.

And the reason I thought he was taking the mickey or that it was a wind up was because he was driving a £150,000 Bentley – and he was asking me for a quid! He assured me it wasn’t a wind up and that he genuinely had forgotten his wallet, so I gave him a pound.

He said thanks and as I turned to walk back to my car he said, “Here, this is for you,” and when I turned back he handed me two £50 notes and my £1 coin back!

It transpired that this was one of his ‘tests’ he sometimes does where he rewards people for their generosity or acts of kindness.

I traced him through a friend of mine after remembering the registration number of his car as he drove off (it was very easy to remember as it was just two letters and two numbers) and I sent him a copy of a book I wrote called The Best Husband and Wife Joke Book Ever (you may have read about this book in The Sun or The Daily Mail after it was bought as a wedding gift for Prince Harry for a bit of a laugh by one of his old Army pals) and I included a note with it saying that I hoped he appreciated the humour like I appreciated the £100 he gave me.

He then contacted me and we exchanged emails, in one of which I asked him if he’d ever thought about writing a book about what he does, which is how the book materialised.

Anyway, as you’ll see from the book’s web page link below some of the ways he gives his money to people are unusual to say the least and one of the ways he does it a couple of weeks before Christmas is to send it to people in the post inside a card and just puts ‘Happy Christmas’ or ‘From your Secret Santa!’. And how he picks the places to send the cards to is, he goes through the alphabet picking towns beginning with A, B, C, D, E, etc., and he goes on Google’s Street View and gets the names of a few streets in each town. He then goes on to Royal Mail’s postcode finder to get the postcode for the street, picks a house number and sends a card with £200 in it addressed to ‘The Homeowner.’ Unbelievable, I know, but it’s true.

He sends five cards to each town/village and it was whilst I was writing about this in the chapter ‘All the Postman Ever Brings Me is Bills’, he told me of some of the places he sent the cards to were Littlehampton.

I have no idea if any of the people he sent the cards to in your area read your paper but if they don’t I’m sure that someone who knows them and knows about the cards will do and get in touch with them to solve the mystery of their Secret Santa! I would imagine they’d love to know who sent it to them.

Below is the book’s webpage link where there is more information about it and if you scroll down the page you’ll see the chapter listings – the ‘postman’ one is chapter eight. And just above the chapter listings you’ll see the Amazon page link, and on the Amazon page if you click on the ‘look inside’ tab above the Kindle version you’ll be able to read the opening chapter or so.

Nick Fisher





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