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Your letters

In the quest for balance, I would like to make a start on correcting some of the wild statements made for the case of a possible dualling of the A27.

For instance, comments such as ‘the scheme for the A27 will unleash the economical potential of the area’.

Nice sound-bite, but without facts and figures to back it up, it’s toothless. Economical potential is only unleashed when governments give firms the confidence of stability and demand to expand.

Those seeking to turn the road into an expressway through Sussex – that will create severance, blight and environmental damage – need to look at the example of the north of England.

Instead of rejuvenating that area, the billions that were poured into massive road building only accelerated their decline.

The very skilled workforce needed to revitalise the area left, using those very same roads to take advantage of better wages in other areas. Locally, we must ensure the same doesn’t bite us along the south coast.

John Hughes

Welland Road


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