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Arun councillor and cabinet member Paul Dendle, in attacking Littlehampton Town Council, reminds me of the burglar who keeps going back for more (Gazette, January 22).

Arun is withdrawing funding for the town council to the tune of £147,165. As well as a small precept increase and reductions in expenditure, the town council is thinking of no longer providing Arun with a contribution of about £4,000 towards CCTV and £46,000 towards the provision of public conveniences. The proposed net expenditure of the town council in 2017 is actually less than that for this year. It is not profligate by any means.

What I would say to both Arun and the town council is that residents will not understand, given the concern over anti-social behaviour, if the CCTV provision is put at risk. Similarly, while there might be savings to be made in public convenience provision, they won’t accept the closure of all of them, which would be at complete variance with efforts to attract more visitors to the town.

The two councils have to find the money, it is as simple as that, and I guess this series of arguments is down to negotiating positions being adopted before a proper settlement is agreed.

I doubt much of the internal politics matters to residents who, I suspect, share my incredulity that there are still three different councils providing services in Littlehampton. It isn’t efficient, and prevents clear strategic thinking for the future.

Derrick Chester

Worthing Road


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