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So, the Government ‘bribes’ us with our own money, or borrowed on our descendants’ behalf, and announces millions to improve the A27.

Yet the only solution proposed by our Tory ‘masters’, who seem to comprise the majority of the A27 Action Group, is to decimate the Arun wetlands and destroy ancient woodlands at Binsted with their last century, ‘sledgehammer to crack a nut’ solution for a local 21st century traffic problem.

Residents, who have been largely ignored by press and Government, want a 21st century, ‘smart’, solution. A modern, crafted, fit-for-purpose solution that incorporates various improvements along or near the existing route, with improved access and links to public transport, improvements to cycling and walking infrastructure, while not dividing residents, homes and businesses on either side of the ‘solution’.

As a number of residents and leaders of the Arundel SCATE group have stated, locals have been excluded from any real debate, while our local Tories and the Government have narrowed our options to a lumbering, outdated, bypass. MP Nick Herbert and the Department for Transport have focused on road-building only, rather than addressing transport problems in an integrated way.

There are other, better options that provide more choice for commuters, residents and business people, that would be less wasteful and damaging while not increasing the number of lorries, vans and cars hurtling past – decreasing air quality while increasing noise and light pollution.

The Department for Transport’s own, recent, reports show that money spent on improving local access, walking and cycling are not only healthier, but better value.

Unfortunately, it would appear our elected representatives in Parliament and on local councils have all made their minds up and expect us to validate their opinion of what is good for us at the elections in May.

We need to change the status quo.

Peter Grace, Arundel and South Downs UKIP Parliamentary candidate


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