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Your letters
Your letters

On behalf of everybody who has been involved in the creation of the Littlehampton Neighbourhood Plan (LNP) can I please say a mighty thank-you and to all those that were able to vote, a bit of people power has given us a lot to work on, so thank you as well.

Some people were slightly confused by the question being voted on and some unfortunately didn’t know we had a neighbourhood plan they were being asked to vote on, with many being further confused by the decision of Arun District Council to leaflet Littlehampton with details of the consultation on their own local plan.

Interesting timing on that...

I would like to confirm that the LNP is there for and on behalf of the people of Littlehampton.

It tries to safeguard this town of ours and we hope it will give us all happy and less stressful few years regarding the planning decisions that might come our way.

Littlehampton Town Council, the mayor, Jill Long, and all its town councillors will keep fighting for the town, so that we all get a fair crack of the whip.

It has been a roller coaster of a ride, after two years of the biggest and best ups and downs, with an 86 per cent ‘YES ‘vote, we now have a real chance, together with help from Littlehampton Town Council and Arun District Council, to keep our great town of Littlehampton as a unique seaside family resort and also to improve the leisure facilities in a way that the local residents really want.

Localism for the people gives us great opportunities, let’s grab every opportunity.

You all deserve an ice cream with a dip, from the ice cream shop in Pier Road.

Terry Ellis

North Ham Road


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