Bully a warning

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Your letters

A few weeks back, Oli Poole (Gazette/Herald Business Desk) cast an eye over the usefulness or otherwise of petitions.

Since then we have had a notorious, unsuccessful online petition of a million signatures in support of keeping on a BBC employee who was threatening, violent and foul-mouthed towards a colleague for the most trivial of reasons.

Before that there was a very successful online petition to financially help a disabled pensioner who had been attacked by a thug outside his home and left injured and too scared to go out.

Clearly, aims and outcomes of petitions vary, but people signing judge with their personal emotions. Sometimes more forethought would have been an advantage, but the aim of a petition isn’t actually to elicit forethought. May the million signatures in favour of a bully just be a warning to us all about human nature!

Jacqueline Deeks

Wendy Ridge


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