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I have no idea what Tony Dixon (Gazette letters, January 8) does for a living, but I doubt if he’s either a businessman or an economist.

The proposed Arundel bypass will only diminish the beauty of our area and make it less attractive for people with skills and ability to come and live here. No one is ever going to come to live and work in Arun district because of its roads! Even if we cover the whole place with motorways and bypasses, Woking and Wolverhampton are still going to be ahead of us.

We should play to our strength, which is that this is an extremely pleasant place to live. Looking after our landscape will attract the most productive people to come here and they will improve our local economy, no matter it may take an extra five minutes to get from Worthing to Chichester in the rush-hour!

Dr Peter M. Slowe

Beech View


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