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As usual, the Littlehampton bonfire celebrations were fantastic and greatly impressed my holiday visitors, who are already considering returning next year.

However, did we really need so many barriers? At times, they seemed to be a hazard rather than a safeguard, preventing the free movement of people and making it difficult to keep track of one’s party.

At one point, the only way off the Promenade appeared to be by climbing over the low wall, impossible for those with buggies or wheelchairs. After the fireworks, again amazing, the only feasible exit was through the playground. Hopefully, no damage was done.

The situation was worst at the sea end of The Green, between the playground, the car park and the Promenade. I do not remember so many restrictions in the past. Perhaps a rethink next year?

I hope the Bonfire Society reached its target, for it was a really excellent show.

Mary Lees

Granville Road


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