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Your letters

I keep reading about problems of overcrowding at Worthing Hospital, which is ‘at bursting point’.

On the one hand, this is rather puzzling, as we have had to go three times within the last three weeks, twice in the daytime and once in the late afternoon. It was quiet everywhere, even in the main reception. The car park, amazingly, was almost empty.

On the other hand, we rang the 111 helpline and a recorded (inevitable) message was, as they were ‘busy’ and would be some time, they suggested we went to A&E. Why do they do this when, obviously, a lot of such enquiries are medically low-grade and therefore totally unsuitable for an A&E department? This could explain the overcrowding. Is there, though, some devious underhand agenda encouraging such visits?

Furthermore, even if we had had to wait for half an hour or so for a response to our call, it would have taken a lot, lot longer to travel to the hospital and then have to wait in A&E. A lot of people live quite a distance from the hospital and bus services are pretty well non-existent in the evenings.

Colin Maroney

Highfield Gardens


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