A crying shame

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Your letters

I’m fully supportive of the Herald and Gazette’s A&E SOS campaign.

The threat to our A&E services cannot go on without challenge.

However, this campaign does bring up an old chestnut in Littlehampton – the town’s long-promised-but-never-delivered hospital facility.

As great as campaigns like the A&E SOS ones are, do they really achieve anything?

I’m by no means trying to belittle the great work being taken. It’s just the cynic within me is, well... cynical of it all.

We had a similar fight to preserve Littlehampton’s hospital – one which literally went right up to the Prime Minister’s door in Downing Street.

However, here we are, almost three years to the day of that trip up to Downing Street, still without a hospital facility for the town.

It’s just a crying shame. Hopefully, something will come for Littlehampton.

Samantha O’Neil

South Terrace


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