Worthing will look like a big kid’s playground

Aerial shot of Worthing seafront
Aerial shot of Worthing seafront

Referring to the report of beach huts on East Worthing beach (Herald, April 18 & online) it was not the storm of 1987 that finished them off, but vandals setting them alight, usually on Saturday nights.

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The last few standing were taken away by the council – the council we have now does not know the history of the past 50 years and are repeating it at the cost of the taxpayers.

There are no parking spaces in the east for residents, let alone more cars for the beach hut owners. The west has plenty of parking but I expect as usual they will dump the huts in the east.

Worthing is also going to look like a big kid’s playground, shoving a big wheel on the seafront when other seaside towns have abandoned them.

I would suggest the residents of Beaulieu Court be given a reduction in there council tax during the months it is in situ.

S. Corderoy

Church Walk, Tarring


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