Wick woman spared jail for neglecting her sick pet

Vets were forced to put down the sick Jack Russel after a tumour ravaged its face
Vets were forced to put down the sick Jack Russel after a tumour ravaged its face

A WICK woman, whose neglected Jack Russel needed to be put down after an untreated tumour ravaged its face, has been spared jail.

During a hearing at Worthing Magistrates’ Court on Friday Tina Oakes, of Greenfields, was sentenced to eights weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months, for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

The 50-year-old was also made to pay a total of £200 in costs.

In January, she pleaded guilty to offences under the Animal Welfare Act relating to failing to adequately check dental treatment, or seek veterinary treatment for her dog, Sindy.

The RSPCA had been called last July after concern about the animal, which was found with a large tumour on its face, was raised.

The dog was also dehydrated, underweight and blind in one eye – caused by the untreated tumour on its face.

The poorly Jack Russel terrier was taken straight to a vet.

Tragically, the vet opted to put the dog down, as ‘the kindest thing to do’ to ‘end her suffering’, an RSPCA spokeswoman told the Gazette.

RSPCA inspector Mel Brett said: “This poor dog had been left to suffer without treatment for far too long.

“The tumour started as a tooth infection which grew to take over nearly half of her face.

“She was obviously suffering and yet this went untreated. Poor Sindy must have been in so much pain and discomfort.

“The magistrate said this was a distressing case – and that the animal suffered horribly through the defendant’s neglect.”

Since the sentencing, the animal charity has issued a warning to other pet owners urging them to take care of their animal.

Inspector Brett said: “As well as the importance of taking your pet to the vets when they are clearly unwell – the message here is also how important it is to clean your dog’s teeth. It may seem a small part of an animal’s care but if it is not done it can have serious consequences.”