Watch detonation of Second World War bomb in Littlehampton

The detonation. Photo: Tobey Herr
The detonation. Photo: Tobey Herr

An 11-year-old boy watched on in amazement as a bomb disposal team safely detonated a wartime bomb discovered in Littlehampton yesterday.

Tobey Herr was at the skate park with his friends when workers on a construction site at the rear of Littlehamption Leisure Centre found a World War two mortar bomb at 2.20pm.

Police said the site was cleared while military ordnance disposal attended but no evacuations were necessary.

The team safely detonated the device at 5pm, police confirmed.

Tobey filmed the detonation on his phone.

His mother, Katie Herr, said: "The police and bomb disposal team took time out to explain all about what they were doing and the boys loved it.

"He and his friends thought it was amazing and really enjoyed talking to bomb disposal and the police."

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