Worthing Bypass: this is why more money will not improve Highways England's offer

Valerie Stephens, far left
Valerie Stephens, far left

A senior Highways England staff member said that even if more money was available for the Worthing Bypass, it would not lead to more route options.

The £50million to £100million scheme had been previously announced, with only one option: a series of improvements and dualling of the A27 through Worthing.

However, following public consultation there was low support for this option.

Valerie Stephens is the senior project manager for the A27, including the Worthing Bypass.

When asked at the Arundel Bypass consultation launch today (August 30) what the latest on the Worthing scheme was, she confirmed it was still being considered by the Department for Transport.

Valerie said: "It is the only solution we can offer at the moment, and it would improve the congestion through Worthing."

She said that even if they secured more money for the scheme, it would not be able to offer enough benefits to justify the expense.

She explained: "For instance, if we make the junctions a flyover, that takes up more land, so even if we had more money, we don't get the benefits from that. The benefit to cost ratio doesn't stack up."

According to the Highways England website, an update on the scheme 'will be provided soon'.