Flood warnings across Sussex: What you need to know

Weather in Sussex this week
Weather in Sussex this week

A five-day flood warning has been issued across Sussex. Here's what you need to know...

Flood warning information from the government has said there is a flood risk from today (Saturday September 28) to Wednesday (October 2).

Today the risk is 'very low' but will increase to 'low' from Sunday to Tuesday and then back to 'very low' on Wednesday.

Residents living around Langstone to Emsworth Harbour should be prepared for flooding, the government has said. It describes the situation on the website: "The early Sunday morning tide at 00:00 on 29/09/2019 is higher than normal due to unsettled weather with strong South Westerly Force 7 winds and large waves.

"The weather increases tide table values by 0.21 m (surge). The forecast tide is 5.19 metres Chart Datum (2.46 mAOD) at Portsmouth. Impacts will be relatively minor and confined to the immediate sea front.

"For 30 minutes either side of high tide, water will be high at South Street and Queen Street, Emsworth. The Ship Inn car park, Langstone will flood.

"Water will flow into the bottom third of Langstone High Street. Flood depths will be shallow. At 12:30 on Sunday 29 September‚ tide levels will be much higher with property flooding expected.

"We'll issue further advice. We continue to monitor levels and forecasts. Flood protection should be installed if you have it. It will be required for several days. A flood warning for tomorrow lunch times tide, will be issued by 18:00 on 28/09/2019."

Flooding is also possible today in coastal areas of Pevensey seafront.

The warning states: "Saturday morning's tide at 11:30 on 28/09/2019 will be higher than normal due to unsettled weather with strong Westerly Force 6 winds. The weather increases tide table values by 0.10 m (surge).

"The forecast tide is 7.67 metres Chart Datum (4.02 mAOD) at Eastbourne. For two hours either side of high tide, Herbrand Walk may flood, potentially becoming impassable. Beach top properties along Pevensey Bay could be affected by spray in the strong winds.

"Tides are forecast to be of a similar height until Wednesday, but gradually increasing over the coming days - potentially being 50cm higher Tuesday lunchtime. We continue to monitor tide levels and forecasts, and update our messages.

"PCDL will maintain the beach over low tide. Stormy seas are dangerous, be careful if visiting Pevensey sea front over high tide this weekend and plan driving routes to avoid driving through flood water. We will update this message by 15:00 on 28/09/2019."

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