Shoreham mum sets up concert business from her kitchen table

A MUM who has worked in the music industry in the USA an UK has set up a concert business of her own.

Julia Collins-Parsons, 50, of Shoreham, has launched Music Majors, which organises speaking tours of people who have worked behind the scenes in the music and entertainment business.

Julia, 50, has recently returned to the county after working in the music industry in the United States.

She said: “Julia said: “While working in the music industry, I met so many ‘behind-the-scenes people’ who have stories that the public never hear.

“I wanted to put them on stage to tell audiences what it’s like to work in the entertainment industry and offer advice on how to break into the business.”

For her first tour, Julia signed-up DJ and BBC Sport cricket commentator Andy Peebles.

The tour starts at the Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham, on Wednesday, September 25.

Julia said: “As I am Sussex-born, I chose Shoreham and Haywards Heath as the venues for the first two dates of Andy Peebles’ tour, which will start this month.

“Andy has had a 40-year career in broadcasting, and was the last British person to interview John Lennon, before he was murdered in 1980.”

As well as the interview with John Lennon, Andy will be talking about Elton John, with whom he struck up a rapport, due to their shared enthusiasm for soul music.

He will also be telling the audience about what it was like interviewing Margaret Thatcher and infamous executioner, Albert Pierrepoint, who saw more than 400 people to their deaths.

For more information, visit Julia’s website at