Seeing double at Summerlea School

REMEMBERING names at the beginning of a school term just got a bit harder, for staff and pupils at Summerlea Community Primary School.

Four sets of twins, Ellie and Jemma Macpherson, Scarlett and Darcey Tidy, Maddie and Tillie Fielding and Olivier and Charlotte Racine, joined the Rustington school's reception class this September.

Assistant head, Jane Blackman, said: "We usually have one set of twins in each year group, but I have never seen four in one!

"The youngsters find it fascinating, as we all do, but they are often a lot more intuitive as to who is who than the adults."

She added that it had become school policy to teach twins in the same class for the first year, and then split them up as they progressed into year one, with their parents' permission.

"We are lucky to be a two form school, and we find that it really helps for them to build their confidence and develop their own personalities if they are in seperate classes."

Jane also said that having twins in the school helped with sex education, later on in the children's school career.

"There are always so many questions about twins, so having them around means we can use them, if you like, as a teaching aid."


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