Rustington man’s radio career off to a flying start

Jamie Dyer presenting his radio show
Jamie Dyer presenting his radio show

A RUSTINGTON man is set to launch his own radio station after his idea ‘exploded’ on the internet and he received ‘amazing’ interest and funding from the community.

Jamie Dyer, 25, who lives off Station Road, hopes his new radio show for West Sussex will not only provide a marketing tool for businesses but will also help other people, like himself, who have forms of autism.

Jamie, a media production and media studies graduate of the University of Chichester, said presenting different radio programmes over the past seven years has helped reduce some of his symptoms related to Asperger’s syndrome – a disorder which causes difficulty in understanding social skills.

He said: “One idea I had through Southwaves was to help other people who perhaps, like myself, have trouble communicating or speaking in a fluent way.”

His idea became a reality after he successfully ‘crowd sourced’ £500 from the community through the internet which will pay for him to trial his station for one year.

Crowd sourcing websites allow entrepreneurs to post their business ideas with a fund raising target needed to make the idea a reality.

People can then pledge money to help reach that target, in return for some part in the business idea.

“It was just a tiny little thing for myself, then it went on Twitter and it exploded,” said Jamie. “It’s amazing the amount of different people that were interested. I couldn’t believe it.”

The programmes will be created by taking recording equipment out ‘into the field’ or by people providing their own recordings, or live feeds using computer web cams and microphones.

“The aim of the station is to promote business, increase and embrace the arts of the area, and to give people, who would not normally have the chance, opportunities to get involved. We are not just a non-stop music station, there will be a range of audio drama and entertainment from across the world, and eventually from local sources.”

The station will launch on March 9.

Visit the radio website at