Rotarians offer help to survivors of Nepal quake

COMPASSIONATE Rotarians from across Littlehampton and Arundel have pledged to support the victims of Saturday’s devastating quake in Nepal.

The Rotary Club of Littlehampton has promised to host a number of fundraising drives to support the Rotary’s international efforts to help Katmandu.

John Mitchell, president of the group, said: “There’s not a lot to be done at this stage because roads and access are still blocked.

“But once the dust has settled there will be people that will be desperate for housing.”

He said Rotary International aimed to raise enough cash to build at least 1,000 affordable homes in the devastated city.

Arundel and District Rotary Club has also agreed to send vital aid to help those left homeless by the quake, which razed countless buildings to the ground and levelled entire communities.

The Rotary club will send an emergency shelter box, costing about £600, to Nepal.

The package provides a whole host of supplies to support communities overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis, including a shelter that can sleep up to ten people, sleeping bags and survival equipment.

Insight, the Rotaract Club of Littlehampton, will also be backing the aid effort, holding a fundraiser at its charity dance in Oving, on May 16.