Public views paramount before Littlehampton plan moves forward

The recently completed work by the river has been seen as plan's catalyst
The recently completed work by the river has been seen as plan's catalyst

COUNCILLORS have backed plans which could radically improve the landscape of Littlehampton – so long as the town’s residents can have their say first.

On Tuesday (March 17), Arun district councillors, sitting on the Littlehampton regeneration sub-committee, agreed proposals to progress the Nine Big Ideas for Littlehampton scheme.

The project aims to improve links between the town’s three main assets – the river, beach and High Street – by phasing in nine schemes to upgrade parts of Littlehampton.

However, councillors warned that before Arun moves forward with any of the planned options, it needs to ensure the town’s locals are behind them.

Ham Ward representative, Mike Northeast, said: “I have to say that this is a very exciting document but what it lacks is any sort of public involvement.

“If there is one thing you have got to do before you do any of this, that’s take the public with you.

“If we have learnt anything from what’s happened with the debacle in Bognor, where millions of pounds have been spent and wasted, it’s that we have to make sure what we’re doing is for the local people and they’re on board with all of it.”

Mr Northeast placed forward a recommendation that the council extends its social media strategy over Facebook to gauge early public opinion and kick-start a debate.

Mr Northeast’s proposal was backed by councillor Emma Neno, who also shared his concerns about consulting residents.

All councillors were in favour of the motion and the two other recommendations to support the plan and progress the first projects to a feasibility stage.