Planning applications submitted to Arun District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Arun District Council between June 11 and 18.

Friday, 18th June 2021, 11:48 am

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Arun District Council website.


AL/75/21/PL: Lidsey Lodge Farm, Sack Lane, Lidsey. Demolition of large agricultural buildings, removal of concrete yards and access, erection of 4 No.2 bed houses, 2 No. 3 bed houses, 2.No. 4 bed houses, gardens, access, parking, soft landscape and ecology areas. (resubmission following AL/27/21/PL). This application is a Departure from the Development Plan and is in CIL Zone 3 and is CIL Liable as new dwellings.



AW/199/21/HH: 80 Barrack Lane. Erection of single storey rear and side extension.

AW/213/21/T: Bankside, 96 Barrack Lane. Fell 1 No. Cypress Pine tree.

AW/216/21/T: 16 Barrack Lane. Fell 2 No. Leyland Cypress trees.


A/109/21/L: Church House, Arundel Road. Listed building consent for the replacement of 5 No. windows on front elevation and rebuild of flint boundary wall.

A/110/21/PL: BMW House, Chandlers Garage Ltd, Water Lane. Erection of retirement apartment with 20 No. 1 Bed flats & 13 No.2 Bed flats with communal facilities & car parking, erection of a retail store with car parking & associated highway works. This application affect the character & appearance of the Angmering Conservation area, affects the setting of listed buildings and is in CIL Zone 2 (Zero Rated) as other development.

A/125/21/L: Weavers Cottage, Weavers Hill. Listed building consent to locate bin storage within site boundary by partially removing and reforming the existing flower bed to sit flush with flint garden wall.

A/108/21/HH: Locksley, North Drive. Erection of single storey front and rear extension and new garage following the demolition of existing garage.


AB/72/21/HH: 6A Fitzalan Road. Erection of single storey side/rear extension and first floor rear extension.

Barnham & Eastergate

BN/70/21/HH: 1 Abercorn Walk, Old Rectory Drive, Eastergate. Erection of single storey rear extension.

Bognor Regis

BR/154/21/PO: 55 & 57 West Street. Application to modify planning obligation dated 13/01/1989 under reference BR/424/88 to remove age restriction obligation.

BR/165/21/PL: Blake House, 71 High Street. Change of use from class sui generis (drinking establishment) to Class E (a) shop. This application affects the character & appearance of The Steyne, Bognor Regis Conservation Area & is in CIL Zone 4 (Zero Rated) as other development.

BR/131/21/HH: 78 Orchard Way. Dropped kerb.

BR/134/21/PL: Clayton House, 1-3 Elm Grove. Sub-division of existing four-bedroom flat on first and second floors to create 2no. 1-bedroom flats, insertion of three dormer windows at second floor, insertion of rooflights to north and south elevations and removal of window to western elevation. This site is in CIL Zone 4 (Zero Rated) as flats.

BR/157/21/HH: 18A Devonshire Road. Conversion of roofspace to habitable use to include 2 x rooflights and alterations to fenestration.

East Preston

EP/60/21/HH: New Lodge, Seaview Road. Erection of two side dormers.

EP/69/21/PL: 4 Beechlands Close and land east of 18 Montpelier Road. 1 No. 3-bed bungalow (resubmission following EP/10/21/PL). This site is in CIL Zone 4 & is CIL Liable as new dwelling.


FP/111/21/HH: 6 Firs Avenue. Construction of 1 x dormer and 1 x roof light to front.

FP/112/21/HH: 11 Culver Road. Loft conversion and extension.


FG/98/21/HH: 108 Sea Lane. Erection of a front dormer with balcony following the removal of gable end roof. Erection of 2 rear dormers following the demolition of existing rear dormer and alterations to existing front dormers to change them from flat roofs to pitched roofs.

FG/104/21/T: The Old Flint House, Church Lane. 1 No. Sycamore (T1) - Remove major deadwood and cut back from lamp to clear by 0.5m and 1 No. Mulberry (T7) remove dead wood and reduce lateral spread over lawn of The Old Flinthouse (eastern aspect only)to 4m and clear BT lines running through the centre of tree by up to 0.5m max.


LU/108/21/PL: River Villa, Sea Cadet HQ, Rope Walk. Removal of derelict jetty & replacement with new jetty to enable access to the river for water borne activities. This site is in CIL Zone 1 (Zero Rated) as other development.

LU/139/21/HH: 5 Shannon Close. Installation of a first floor rear balcony.

LU/174/21/PL: 44-48 High Street. Replacement of 14 No. timber frame sash windows and 1 No. timber frame bay window to residential units. This application is in CIL Zone 4 (zero rated) as other development.


LY/11/21/PL: McDonald’s Restaurant, Lyminster Road. Installation of 2 No. rapid electric vehicle charging stations within the car park with 2 No. existing parking spaces becoming EV charging bays, along with associated equipment. This site is in CIL Zone 3 (Zero Rated) as other development.


M/77/21/HH: 43 Lane End Road, Ancton. Conversion of garage to habitable use and alterations to fenestration.

M/76/21/HH: 38 Sea Way. Erection of two storey side and rear extension and single storey front extension with balcony above.


P/86/21/HH: 41 Abbottsbury. Erection of single storey rear extension following the demolition of existing conservatory.


WA/55/21/L: Days, Days Lane, Aldingbourne. Listed building consent for the removal of an unsafe wall and some landscaping to provide wheelchair access.

WA/51/21/HH: 5 North Pound. Erection of single storey rear extension, open porch, part garage conversion and full flat roof re-roofing along with internal alterations.