Planning applications submitted to Arun District Council

The following planning applications have been submitted to Arun District Council between February 19 and 26.

Monday, 1st March 2021, 3:22 pm

For more information about the planning applications below visit the Arun District Council website.


AL/20/21/PL: Land At Wings Nursery, Lidsey Road, Woodgate. Demolition of Wings House & erection of 71 No. replacement dwellings (70 net new dwellings), access arrangements, sustainable drainage measures, public open space, landscaping & all other associated works (resubmission following AL/46/20/PL). This application is a Departure from the Development Plan.


AL/25/21/T: Westergate Mews, Nyton Road, Westergate. Crown reduction to 1 No. Holm oak (T11) to height approx. 20m and lateral spread approx. 11m.


AW/48/21/HH: 17 Kingsway. Roof alterations to provide extension to existing first floor and swimming pool in rear garden. This application affects the character and appearance of the Craigweil House, Aldwick Conservation area.

AW/34/21/HH: 29 Chawkmare Coppice. Single storey side/front extension and front porch.

AW/52/21/HH: 59 Carlton Avenue. Conversion of roof space to habitable use to include 3 x side dormers including raising of roof.

AW/55/21/HH: 19 Grosvenor Gardens. Loft conversion & single storey side extension.

AW/56/21/HH: 41 Gossamer Lane. Removal of conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension, single storey side extension and alterations to existing hall extension.

AW/62/21/T: 20 The Fairway, Aldwick Bay Estate, Bognor Regis. Crown lift to 5m 1 No. Lombardy Poplar and remove deadwood.


A/28/21/HH: 54 Heathfield Avenue, East Preston. Single storey side extension.


AB/10/21/HH: 38 Dalloway Road. Two storey rear extension, replacement windows and cladding and infill side extension.

AB/14/21/HH: Riverside House, 2 Fitzalan Road. Reinstatement of timber jetty using existing 3 piles.


BE/20/21/PL: The Bognor Regis Retail Park, Unit 1b, Rowan Way. Removal of existing canopy, alterations to front elevation to include new shop front, removal & erection of new plant enclosure at rear, alterations to rear elevation to include infilling of two service doors & over clad roof with new insulation and profiled metal sheet build-up. This site is in CIL Zone 4 (Zero Rated) as other development.

Bognor Regis

BR/37/21/TEL: Junction of Lyon Street West and Richmond Road. Prior Notification under Schedule 2, Part 16 for a proposed 20.0m Phase 8 Monopole C/W wrapround Cabinet at base and associated ancillary works.

BR/28/21/HH: 20 Southdown Road. Single storey rear extension.

BR/39/21/PL: 2 Lyon Street. Variation of condition 4 imposed under BR/227/18/PL relating to the change of the buildings use restricted to Arun Meat & Livestock Company to use by the building owners.


CM/8/21/PL: Climping College The Mill, The Mill Lodge, Climping Street. Construction of site perimeter bunding & associated planting to protect against flooding, associated excavation of a pond (retrospective) & construction of flood defence gates (resubmission following CM/25/20/PL). This site is in CIL Zone 5 (Zero Rated) as other development & may affect the setting of a listed building.

East Preston

EP/20/21/PL: 2 The Street. Removal of condition 1 imposed under EP/160/20/PL to remove only condition and the seating area to be permanent. This application may affect the setting of a listed building.


FP/28/21/HH: 99 Limmer Lane. Two storey extension to side and rear and single storey front porch.

FP/30/21/HH: 7 Pulborough Way. Extension and conversion of garage to form habitable accommodation.


FG/16/21/PL: Phoenix House, 1 Ferring Grange Gardens. Convert existing garage to a bedroom & install a solid roof to an existing conservatory.

FG/18/21/PL: 10 South Drive. Demolition & erection of 1 No. dwelling. This site is in CIL Zone 4 and is CIL Liable as new dwelling.

FG/24/21/HH: Pansas House, Letchworth Close. Ground floor side extension, alterations to elevation, addition of a sun terrace, extension to existing garage, first floor front, side and rear extensions.


F/1/21/PL: Land to the North of The Towpath, South and East of Church Farm. Change of use from agricultural land to use as open space (6 hectares) and education (10 hectares). This site also lies within the parish of Yapton, affects a Public Right of Way & is in CiL zone 3 (Zero Rated) as other development.


M/103/20/HH: Ancton Barn, Ancton Lane. Enlargement of existing Northeast wing, alteration to barn entrances and addition of opening and fixed glazed roof lights to the existing barn.

M/17/21/HH: 14 North Avenue South, Ancton. Single storey side and rear extensions.

M/18/21/HH: 2 Hampden Close. Demolition of conservatory and detached garage. Construction of single storey extension and modifications to dining room window.


P/21/21/HH: 6 The Green. Loft conversion to form new first floor with front and rear dormer projection.


R/28/21/L: 2 Manor Cottages, Preston Paddock. Listed building consent to replace 2 No. existing timber casement windows in white finish to be replaced with timber casement windows in arctic white finish .

R/25/21/HH: 34 The Crescent. Glazed gable extension and the addition of a porch.


WA/12/21/PL: Land To East Of Fontwell Racecourse, Fontwell Avenue, Eastergate. Variation of Condition 1 under WA/48/19/RES relating to approved plans.