Here are candidates standing at Arun District Council election

Arun District Council elections are being held on Thursday May 2
Arun District Council elections are being held on Thursday May 2

All 54 seats at Arun District Council are up for election later this week.

Polling day is Thursday May 2.

Here is a full list of candidates in each ward:

ALDWICK EAST (two seats)

Trevor Bence, Conservatives; Gillian Brown, Conservatives; Hugh Coster, Independent; Tony Dixon, Independent.

ALDWICK WEST (two seats)

Lynne Armstrong Lilley, Labour; Carol Birch, Green; David Gerrie, Conservatives; Ian Manion, Labour; Claire Needs, Liberal Democrats; Martin Smith, Liberal Democrats; Caroline Spencer, Conservatives; Matilda Watson, UKIP.

ANGMERING & FINDON (three seats)

Alison Baker, Labour; Paul Bicknell, Conservatives; Mike Clayden, Conservatives; Andy Cooper, Conservatives; Jean Dunning, UKIP; John Richards, Liberal Democrats; George Schlich, Liberal Democrats.

ARUNDEL & WALBERTON (three seats)

Faye Catterson, Green Party; Gil Cockburn, Liberal Democrats; Paul Dendle, Conservatives; Paul Graydon, Liberal Democrats; Grant Roberts, Conservatives; Liz Wallace, UKIP; Michael Ward, Labour; Robert Wheal, Conservatives.

BARNHAM (three seats)

Michael Chapman, Liberal Democrats; John Charles, Conservatives; Christopher Hughes, Conservatives; Adrian Thorpe, Liberal Democrats; Isabel Thurston, Green Party; Kris Vill, Labour; Laurence Wilshere, Conservatives.

BEACH (two seats)

David Britton, Conservatives; David Gaskin, Conservatives; Robert Gowland, Labour; Stephen Mcconnell, Labour; Dan Purchese, Liberal Democrats; James Walsh, Liberal Democrats

BERSTED (three seats)

Kenton Batley, Liberal Democrats; Susan Bence, Conservatives; Keir Greenway, Conservatives; Graham Levell, Conservatives; Martin Lury, Liberal Democrats; Ann Rapnik, UKIP; Heather Robbins, Labour; Jerry Tomlinson, Labour.

BROOKFIELD (two seats)

Billy Blanchard-Cooper, Liberal Democrats; Chris Blanchard-Cooper, Liberal Democrats; Neil Campbell, Labour; Alan Gammon, Conservatives; Mick Warren, Conservatives; Christine Wiltshire, Labour


Kevin Blake, Liberal Democrats; June Caffyn, Conservatives; Jill Long, Conservatives; Maralyn May, Labour; Mike Northeast, Labour; Vicky Rhodes, Conservatives; Freddie Tandy, Labour

EAST PRESTON (three seats)

Ricky Bower, Conservatives, Robert Burn, Liberal Democrats; Terry Chapman, Conservatives; Tony Dines, Labour; Paul Kelly, Conservatives; Malcolm Taylor, Liberal Democrats

FELPHAM EAST (two seats)

David Edwards, Conservatives; Paul English, Conservatives; Wayne Smith, Liberal Democrats.

FELPHAM WEST (two seats)

Jeff Daws, Labour; Richard Gotheridge, Liberal Democrats; Gill Madeley, Conservatives; Bernard May, Labour; Elaine Stainton, Conservatives; Bob Waterhouse, Liberal Democrats.

FERRING (two seats)

Roger Elkins, Conservatives; Dorothy Macedo, Labour; Adrian Midgley, Liberal Democrats; Peter Muncey, Labour; Colin Oliver-Redgate, Conservatives.

HOTHAM (two seats)

John Barrett, Liberal Democrats; Joan English, Conservatives; Steve Goodheart, independent; David Meagher, Labour; Roger Nash, Labour; Chloe Newby, UKIP; Stephen Reynolds, Conservatives, Jeanette Warr, Liberal Democrats.

MARINE (two seats)

Nigel Alner, Labour; Jim Brooks, Independent; Alison Sharples, Labour; Matt Stanley, Liberal Democrats; Kim Stone, Conservatives.

MIDDLETON-ON-SEA (two seats)

David Box, Liberal Democrats; Shirley Haywood, Independent, Graham Jones, Independent, Richard Missenden, Labour; Jacky Pendleton, Conservatives; Larry Walder, Liberal Democrats; Sam Walker, Labour; Paul Wotherspoon, Conservatives.

ORCHARD (two seats)

Jan Cosgrove, Labour; David Darling, Conservatives, Alan Foster, Labour; Susan Livett, Green; Francis Oppler, Liberal Democrats; Samantha Staniforth, Liberal Democrats; Phil Woodall, Independent.

PAGHAM (two seats)

Alistair Black, Labour; Paul Davis, UKIP; Dawn Hall, Conservatives; June Hamilton, Independent; David Huntley, Independent; Ash Patel, Conservatives; Helen Scutt, Labour; Paul Wyatt, Green.

PEVENSEY (two seats)

Sandra Daniells, Independent; Pat Dillon, Conservatives; Inna Erskine, Liberal Democrats; John Erskine, Liberal Democrats; Simon McDougall, Labour; Linda Shepperd, Labour.

RIVER (three wards)

Tracey Baker, Liberal Democrats; George Blampied, Conservatives; Phil Booker, Conservatives; Ian Buckland, Liberal Democrats; Alan Butcher, Labour; Berni Millam, Labour; George O’Neill, Labour; David Paige, Conservatives; Emily Seex, Liberal Democrats; Steven Trigg, UKIP.


David Chace, Liberal Democrats; Alison Cooper, Conservatives; Shaun Gunner, Conservatives; Jessica Halligan, Liberal Democrats; Chris Walsh, Labour.

RUSTINGTON WEST (three seats)

Jamie Bennett, Liberal Democrats; Philippa Bower, Conservatives; Pauline Gregory, Liberal Democrats; Stephen Horne, Conservatives; Nigel Stapley, Labour; Will Tilbrook, Liberal Democrats; Lucy Toynbee, Labour; Mark Turner, Conservatives.

YAPTON (two seats)

Derek Ambler, Conservatives; Stephen Haymes, Conservatives; Henry Jones, Liberal Democrats; Doug Maw, Green Party; Tricia Wales, UKIP; Amanda Worne, Liberal Democrats.