ELECTION 2015: Bognor Regis and Littlehampton - Graham Jones (UKIP)

Graham Jones, UKIP candidate for Littlehampton and Bognor in 2015 election SUS-150414-171231001
Graham Jones, UKIP candidate for Littlehampton and Bognor in 2015 election SUS-150414-171231001

In 1973, Ted Heath took this country into the Common Market (EEC).

We were told at the time that there would be NO loss of national sovereignty in the United Kingdom. That was a lie!

In 1975, Harold Wilson gave the British public a referendum on whether or not we wanted to stay in the EEC.

The propaganda told us not to worry about remaining in the EEC, it was, after all, only a trading arrangement. That was a lie!

Since 1975, successive governments have slowly signed away our right to self-determination.

It was the long game they were playing with the ultimate goal of becoming part of a Federal United States of Europe.

On this journey, the EEC has morphed into the European Union (EU) and we have seen a huge transfer of powers to the unelected bureaucrats of Brussels during that time.

Something like 70 per cent of our laws are now passed down to us from Brussels.

It has been 40 years since the British public took part in that infamous referendum.

For those under the age of 58

they have not had a say in our

future relationship with Europe yet

in that time they have seen the politicians in Westminster transferring powers to Brussels without the consent of the British public. This is just not good enough!

I am a former member of the Conservative Party but disillusioned with the leadership of David Cameron and the reneging on a promise of a referendum, I looked to UKIP. I liked what I saw.

Satisfied that UKIP was not a one-issue party, I joined the party. Since then I have been successfully elected to West Sussex County Council representing Felpham.

My background is in the military and engineering, both of which I have seen decline throughout my lifetime.

Worryingly the running down of our armed forces is of a great concern to me in a troubled world.

We must be able to defend ourselves.

I want to see a revival in our engineering industry providing well-paid jobs for our youngsters, not minimum wage zero contracts which seems to be the norm.

My vision is to live in a free democratic society, not only nationally but also locally.

This has been in short supply under the Conservative leadership in Arun District. It is only UKIP who are committed to a referendum and restoring democracy to this country.