Decision due on northern half of Lyminster bypass

Lyminster bypass plans SUS-190301-131735001
Lyminster bypass plans SUS-190301-131735001

Plans for the northern half of the Lyminster bypass could be approved next week.

The new 1.1km stretch of road would link the A284 just south of the A27 Crossbush junction with a new southern bypass being built as part of the North Littlehampton development. The completed bypass would join up with the A259.

Lyminster bypass plans

Lyminster bypass plans

An application for the northern section, which is being delivered by West Sussex County Council, is due to be discussed by the authority’s planning committee next Tuesday (March 26).

Officers are recommending the plans be approved by councillors.

Their report says: “The new road is proposed to divert traffic away from the existing A284 that forms a narrow ‘S’ shape through Lyminster village and has poor lines of sight and tight bends that adversely affect road safety and traffic flow.

“The proposed bypass would provide a straighter, more direct north-south link between the A27 and the southern bypass, linking beyond to the A259 and Littlehampton.”

Lyminster bypass plans

Lyminster bypass plans

The northern section will include a T-junction with the existing A284, realignment of the existing A284 to connect to the new section of highway, a signallised Pegasus crossing, a 225 metre viaduct over the Black Ditch, an attenuation pond and three metre wide shared cycleway/footway on the west side of the carriageway.

Both Lyminster & Crossbush parish council and Littlehampton town council have supported the proposal but raised several concerns.

The former is seeking mitigations such as connecting the bypass directly to the A27, investigating a route east of Brookfield, mitigation for a reduction in air quality for residents south of the Crossbush roundabout and traffic calming on the existing A284.

The town council is asking for upgrades to the stretch of road between the bypass and the Crossbush junction as well as traffic calming measures on the A284.

Meanwhile 35 representations have been received, 21 in objection and 14 in support.

A number of objectors believe the new bypass should link directly to the A27, while the new road would not bypass all of Lyminster, and have also raised concerns about a lack of provision for pedestrians and cyclists, the potential for existing speeding problems to be exacerbated and a rise in air pollution, noise and vibration impacts due to increased traffic.

They also suggest the new road will be too close to some residential properties, while it would also reduce dark skies with lighting in the countryside.

However the supporters believe the bypass will improve safety, reduce queuing and congestion, benefit Lyminster village which is currently divided by a road that is ‘nearly impossible to cross’.

They also believe the bypass is essential to both cater for the needs of new housing developments and to provide a link between the upgraded A259 and A27.