PICTURES: Yapton autumn show

Yapton Cottage Gardeners’ Society had a fine end to the season, with its splendid autumn show.

There were 271 entries for visitors to enjoy at Yapton Village Hall on Saturday.

Kent Kressner with his prize-winning dahlia DM17100936a

Kent Kressner with his prize-winning dahlia DM17100936a

Show secretary David Donovan said: “As an event, it was slightly larger than the equivalent show last year. This year, 43 participants submitted entries.

“Upon entering the village hall, the eye was drawn immediately to the vases of dahlias and chrysanthemums with their assorted forms and colours.

“There was much else, late flowers from the open garden, boxes of fuchsia florets and some splendid pot plants. Among the vegetables, the array of tomatoes and onions demonstrated the skills required in preparation for display.

“Leeks were excellent and the any other vegetable class was as interesting as anything else seen on the bench, with squashes, calabrese, aubergines and winter radish. There were some splendid apples and pears, and the range of novelties included large sunflower heads, massive marrows and a huge potato.”

The cookery classes were well supported, with generally excellent-quality exhibits featuring preserves, Dundee cakes and gingerbread.

As in all recent shows, the photographic section had numerous entries, and there were classes for flower arrangements, handicrafts and children’s items.

Vice-president Stella Whitelock presented the awards.

Malcolm Paradine, with his vegetables, including various novelties, was awarded the Edith Godfrey Trophy for most points.

Just a whisker behind was Barry Moore, who won the Deegan Shield for his set of sweet peppers, the best vegetable exhibit.

There was no doubting the ability of Alan Humphrey to grow dahlias to near perfection, as he received the National Dahlia Society’s silver and bronze medals.

Kent Kressner, as the sole exhibitor of chrysanthemums, retained the Peter Crouch Memorial with his worthy exhibits.

It was a good day for Eva Pendreich, who shared the Joan Waddington Memorial Vase with Ted Love for equal points in the fuchsia classes. She also won the season-long photography championship and the Neil Baxter Memorial Trophy for cookery and handicrafts.

Mr Donovan retained the fruit bowl, based on the season’s results, and gained the Village Criers Trophy for most points across the horticultural classes for the year.

Diane Booker took home the W.R. Trophy as the most successful flower arranger of the season.

On the day, with a first prize each, Ned Slowly, six, and four-year-old Ted Coomber shared the Junior Autumn Cup, while Cerys Hier, eight, received the Junior Village Criers Trophy for her prizes over the season.

First prize winners were: Mike Shambrook, Jenny Pay, Mary Carmel Pardi, Irene Jordan, Ted Love, Anne Hollis, Eva Pendreich, Alan Humphrey, Kent Kressner, Malcolm Paradine, Mark Wilson, Barry Moore, Graham Coomber, Roy Phillips, Den Jordan, David Donovan, Annabelle Heath, Jo Gold, Alan Thew, Diane Booker, Derek Jukes, Elaine Cordingley, Ian Watts, John Knight, Ted Coombert and Ned Slowly.

The full results can be seen at
The next season of friendly competition begins with the spring flower show on March 24, 2018, in Yapton Village Hall.