Ten top breakfast venues in Littlehampton according to TripAdvisor

The top breakfast venues
The top breakfast venues

It’s often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Whether you start with a healthy option of porridge or muesli or throw caution to the wind with a big fry-up, it’s always a pleasant change to go out for the meal.

But where in the Littlehampton area can you get the best breakfasts?

We’ve checked with TripAdvisor on the top cafes or restaurants as decided by you, the public.

And there’s a wonderful variety of food at a wide range of venues available.

Check out the list below and we’ve included just some of the comments.

Some of the establishments don’t open until mid-morning (so more of a brunch) - readers should check details before visiting.

1 - Toast, 2 Norfolk Road, Littlehampton

‘We love you’ - ‘Great big breakfast’

2 - River Breeze Restaurant, 56-57 Pier Road, Littlehampton

‘Excellent Breakfast’ - ‘Good value, great service’

3 - The Arun View Restaurant, Wharf Road, Littlehampton

‘Highly recommend’ - ‘Pleasantly Surprised’

4- The Boat House In The Marina, Ferry Road, Littlehampton

‘Always a great visit’ - ‘Fabulous food and friendly staff’

5 - Harbour Lights, 63-65 Surrey Street, Littlehampton

‘Wholesome food, good value’ - ‘Always very fresh and well presented’

6 - A Nossa Casa, 7 The Arcade, Littlehampton

‘Lovely food, great hosts, good value’ - ‘A gem of a place!’

7 - Portuguese Grill, 33 High Street, Littlehampton

‘Good quality produce and perfectly cooked’ - ‘A true local with a welcome to match’

8 - Putting Green Cafe, The Promenade, Littlehampton

‘Lovely setting on either a wet or dry day’ - ‘Friendly and efficient service’

9 - Dinky Doo Diner, 29 Pier Rd, Littlehampton

‘Superb breakfast’ - ‘Breakfast is a proper English!’

10 - L.A. Cafe, 15C Surrey Street, Littlehampton

‘Great breakfast’ - ‘One of the best breakfasts I had in a long time’