See Littlehampton’s spectacular scarecrows created for Wick Village Scarecrow Festival

Brilliant handmade scarecrows brightened up Littlehampton for the second Wick Village Scarecrow Festival, held from August 24 to September 3. Organised by Wick Village Traders Association, the scarecrow festival was held throughout the new Wick Festival.

Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, 11:58 am
Wick, Littlehampton, West Sussex, UK. 24th August 2019. The Wick Village Scarecrow Festival, organised by the Wick Village Traders Association and held during the Wick Festival. In Pic: The Going Spare scarecrow.

Traders took part by creating their own handmade scarecrows and many others were on display throughout the village. This year’s winner was the Dew Drop Inn, in Wick Street, and landlady Jenny Morrell received the plaque from the judges, Littlehampton mayor Tracey Baker and Teresa Hamlin.

Judging the scarecrow festival, Teresa Hamlin and Littlehampton mayor Tracey Baker
The Wick Hall scarecrow, left, and the Southern Home Furnishings scarecrow
The Baltic Express scarecrow, left, and the Roundabout Playgroup scarecrow
The Going Spare scarecrow, left, and the St Barnabas House charity shop scarecrow
The Flower Shop scarecrow, left, and a Hallowe'en inspired scarecrow
The Going Spare scarecrow
The Dew Drop Inn landlady Jenny Morrell receives the winner's plaque from judges Littlehampton mayor Tracey Baker and Teresa Hamlin