Rustington Hall 70th anniversary fete in pictures

There was a real community atmosphere at Rustington Hall on Saturday for the 70th anniversary fete, held in the form of a street party, with music from the Cancer United Choir and singer Just John.

Monday, 15th July 2019, 5:52 pm
Rustington Hall 70th Anniversary Fete Rustington Hall and Oakhurst Gardens celebrate their 70th anniversary. Rustington, West Sussex. Picture Liz Pearce 13/07/2019 LP190800 SUS-190714-221052008

Littlehampton and Rustington Housing Society purchased Rustington Hall in 1948 under the guiding hand of Percy Booker and the charity-based business has long held an outstanding CQC rating. Oakhurst Gardens is part of the estate, for sheltered housing.

Julie Zimmer, resident for 11 years, with Sue Holland, president of Rustington and Littlehampton Housing Association. Picture: Liz Pearce LP190788
Resident Elsie Hargrave, 91. Picture Liz Pearce LP190789
Dancing to music from singer Just John. Picture Liz Pearce LP190790
Entertainer Just John. Picture Liz Pearce LP190791
Dancing with singer Just John. Picture Liz Pearce LP190792
Trevor Coffee with resident Sue Sharring. Picture Liz Pearce LP190793
From left, residents Ann Dillow and John Street with visitor Tracey Whitiker. Picture Liz Pearce LP190795
The Cancer United Choir. Picture Liz Pearce LP190796
Members of the Cancer United Choir. Picture Liz Pearce LP190797
Rustington Hall and Oakhurst Gardens celebrating the 70th anniversary. Picture Liz Pearce LP190798
Residents, from left, Anita Welsh, Margaret Pink and Lilian Judd. Picture Liz Pearce LP190799
Picture Liz Pearce LP190800
Cancer United Choir supporters, from left, Lilia Hickey, Bettie Honton and Carmenta Randolph. Picture Liz Pearce LP190801
Alison Grant with her father, Doug Medhurst, who was celebrating his 96 birthday on Saturday. Picture Liz Pearce LP190802
Resident John Bensted. Picture Liz Pearce LP190803