Resident ‘desperate’ to move mum with Alzheimer’s to Worthing

Fay Jenkinson-Folan from Worthing (right) with her wife Kez
Fay Jenkinson-Folan from Worthing (right) with her wife Kez

A Worthing woman who fears her mother is becoming ‘increasingly vulnerable’ is ‘desperately’ trying to find her a place to live nearby in the town.

Fay Jenkinson-Folan, of Wordsworth Road, wants her mother, Pamela LeBrett, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s earlier this year, to be placed in supported living accommodation in Worthing.

Pamela, a 78-year-old widow, currently lives alone in a housing association flat in Orpington, Kent – and Fay fears for her wellbeing, especially since she suffered a fall last year.

Pamela struggles to vacuum the house, finds supermarkets ‘confusing and overwhelming’ and needs regular prompting with her medication.

As her condition inevitably deteriorates, Fay said it would not be long until her current home becomes ‘unsuitable and unsafe’.

Fay said: “She is lonely and scared on her own.

“If she lived near us we would be able to provide her with so much more support than we can now.

“We would be able to fill the last years of her life with love, support and at least a reasonable quality of life.”

Fay had considered moving to Kent but said it would be a ‘massive upheaval’ – as she works long shifts as a nurse at Worthing Hospital, while her wife works 12-shifts for a security company.

She also said she would not be able to cope if her mother were to move into their flat and, as Pamela would then technically be making herself homeless, it would be even harder to find her a property in Worthing.

Pamela has been listed on the official house exchange website and on Facebook house exchange groups for about two years, but without any luck.

Fay said: “No one wants to move away from the coast to where my mum lives in Kent.”

Fay then applied to Worthing Borough Council to put her mother on the housing list to try and get her a supported living placement, but she was declined, as she was told there was not enough evidence to prove that her current housing was unsuitable.

“I do appreciate that there are housing shortages and long waiting lists and that my mum isn’t a resident of this borough,” she said.

“I knew that it may be a long wait but I was very saddened and frustrated that she was rejected completely.”

Fay is now busy collecting further evidence from doctors and clinics to try and make the case again to the council for her mother to be accepted.

A spokesman for Worthing Borough Council said: “Due to the high level of demand and severe shortage of housing available, we have a strict policy to ensure the properties we do have are fairly allocated to priority cases to those most in need.”

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