Love Island: Amy Hart's best friend reacts to dramatic split with Curtis Pritchard

The best friend of Worthing Love Island contestant Amy Hart has reacted to last night's episode, in which Amy and Curtis appeared to be done for good.

Friday, 5th July 2019, 11:24 am
Thursday night's episode of Love Island. Picture: ITV

After Curtis tried and failed to woo another girl while Amy was sent to the neighbouring villa of Casa Amor, the 26-year-old was left heartbroken, having previously declared that she would tell him she loved him when she got back to the main villa.

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Love Island: heartache for Amy Hart after Curtis Pritchard confesses allLove Island: Amy Hart's parents appear on This Morning following dramatic episodeIn Thursday night's episode, it appeared the former favourites to win have now gone their separate ways, after Curtis failed to deny that he did not want to be with Amy when she confronted him.

Thursday night's episode of Love Island. Picture: ITV

On a live Instagram video from Amy Hart's account, which now has over 620,000 followers, her best friend of nine years Hannah Stakim reacted to what happened and answered questions from fans.

She said she 'could not call' if Curtis and Amy were done for good, saying: "They seemed so perfect for each other; I can't believe it."

When asked if she would have done anything differently if she was in the villa, Hannah said: "It is really hard. I think you have just got to follow your heart in that situation, and I think they both have. They both deserve to be happy.

"At this point in the series, maybe they should not be together, and maybe they will find their way back to each other. Who knows?"

Hannah added: "She is a very strong person; she will be able to get over this."

So who did she want to win, apart from Amy? She said: "I'm really loving Tommy and Molly-Mae, they are so cute. When Molly came back in after Casa Amor, I can safely say everyone was crying."

Hannah added that she thought Amy should try to find someone else in the villa, with many people suggesting George Rains, who is currently coupled up with Lucie Donlan.

In a preview for Friday night's episode, it seemed that Maura Higgins was keen to pursue things with Curtis now that him and Amy have separated.

Hannah said: "Who knows what was going on. We only saw that short clip, so we don't know exactly what she was talking about."