Littlehampton woman who lost 50lbs with Weight Watchers becomes weight loss coach

Vicky Redden with coach Neil Doherty
Vicky Redden with coach Neil Doherty

A Littlehampton woman who lost 50lbs on a weight loss journey has taken on her newest challenge, helping others to do the same.

Vicky Redden, 38, was motivated to lose weight two years ago after she began to suffer with indigestion and high blood pressure.

Vicky Redden before her 50lb weight loss

Vicky Redden before her 50lb weight loss

She said: “My GP told me that losing weight would improve my health, so I had made it my new year’s resolution to develop healthier habits.”

Vicky went to Weight Watchers, now rebranded as WW, but due to shyness and lack of confidence, she never stayed at her group meeting and instead relied on social media to keep on track.

Vicky said: “I used social media like a diary, for meal inspiration and to keep on track, but then I began following Neil Doherty, a Weight Watchers coach on Instagram, and soon realised that actually he was only down the road from me.

“Now I stay to my meeting every week, and never leave without a smile on my face.”

With her new-found confidence, and encouragement from Neil, Vicky decided to apply to become a Weight Watchers coach herself, and now runs two groups, at Littlehampton Swimming and Sports Centre every Saturday at 9am, and East Preston & Kingston Village Hall on Mondays at 7pm.

Neil, who has worked for Weight Watchers for 18 years, said: “Vicky really benefitted so much from her weight-loss journey, but I think the biggest thing for her was finding her confidence.

“She really views life very differently because of who she has become. She’s a star.”

Vicky said as well as losing 50lbs to reach her goal, Weight Watchers is more than a number on the scales and the best thing about it is being able to join in with her children more.

She added: “I love joining in with them while they’re running around and playing football at the park, and not being embarrassed. I’m the mum I’ve always wanted to be.”

The ability to work with people and help them has led Vicky to love life as a Weight Watchers coach.

Vicky said: “I’ve built my confidence, but I know how new members feel and I remember being in their shoes, which is why I decided I would like to become a coach.

“I love meeting new members, and I enjoy supporting them on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Everyone has a different tale to tell and we look after each other, it’s family.”

Since joining Weight Watchers Flex plan, Vicky has learned new healthy eating habits while still enjoying her food.

She said: “Flex has really fitted in with family meals, I love the flexibility and freedom and to be able to build meals around the zero-point food, and the Weight Watchers app is great for looking for meal inspiration and keeping track of what I’m having to eat.”

To find out more, email Vicky at or visit


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