The infamous Christmas lights on Highdown Drive that attract many people during the festive period

Littlehampton homes light up for Christmas – in pictures

The spectacular displays of Christmas lights put on by Littlehampton residents are starting to appear this year.

Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 4:47 pm
Updated Wednesday, 1st December 2021, 6:04 pm

Christmas displays on Highdown Drive, Paterson Wilson Road and Northway Road are shown in the pictures below, but many more houses around the town have gone all out this Christmas.

Roy Spencer, 69, lives in one of the houses in Highdown Drive that participate in an annual Christmas light display.

He said: “Two or three of us down this road began our Christmas lights as a hobby and in 2001, someone said to us that we could raise money for charity doing this and that’s what he decided to do.

“We had a celebrity switch on for our first year with June Whitfield, and basically everything else is history.

“The charity we raise money for changes every year. We have raised money for various children’s charities over the years but this year we are raising money for Bowel Cancer UK and we chose this charity because one of our neighbours has just lost his wife to bowel cancer, but since we started doing these Christmas lights, we have raised around £40,000 for multiple charities.

“The Christmas lights are a lot of work and we aren’t getting any younger but it is good and we really enjoy it.”

Daryl Baker, 40, who lives in Paterson Wilson Road, enjoys putting up the Christmas inflatables each year.

He said: “I really like putting up the inflatables, I think they are funny and I don’t know anyone else who does them, not to this extent anyway.

“This year we are raising money for the Lewy Body Society because my father-in-law has Lewy Body Dementia, but like Highdown, our chosen charity changes every year.

“I’m not sure the adults like it but the kids love it and for me, that’s enough really. The little ones especially love it.”

Kevyn Chambers, 54, of Northway Road, has had his musical Christmas display in the works since January.

He said: “There is another display locally in Toddington Lane, who doesn’t light up until Saturday, who I took inspiration from.

“I saw that display last December and started planning this in January, so its been a year’s worth of work.

“You can do so much with this display because everything is completely programmable and it’s sequenced to music, so it really appealed to me, it’s not like your normal traditional Christmas display but you could do that if you wanted to, but it’s just so unique, there is only about 150 displays like my one in the UK at the moment.

“Seeing people outside looking at my display is lovely. You don’t do all of this for no-one to look at it, and the comments so far have been very positive, people are memorised by it and are really enjoying it.”

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