Has Worthing UFO mystery been solved?

Residents have responded to a ‘mystery bright orange orb’ spotted by a Worthing woman over the weekend.

Michelle Kostic was left baffled by the sighting and asked residents if they saw it too.

Michelle Kostic spotted the mystery object over the weekend

Michelle Kostic spotted the mystery object over the weekend

Read our story here: VIDEO: Is this a UFO? Worthing woman spots ‘bright orange orb’

Peter Eccleston told the Herald he saw a ‘Chinese lantern’. He said: “I too saw the orange object in the sky. It was at about 1.45am and was south of Lancing.

“The orange object was stationary and there was another red moving object that I thought looked like a Chinese lantern, which disappeared after a while almost overhead.”

Ben Loveland said he had to watch the video a few times to ‘clarify his belief’.

He said: “She did not see a UFO it was Venus and the blue light she claims to have seen passing by, which is not visible in the video, may have been a shooting star.

“The reason why the mysterious orb is still visible when it gets light and the stars have disappeared is the fact Venus is a planet and can be seen in early morning light, hence the name morning star.”

Did you spot it too? If so, what did you think? Email news@worthingherald.co.uk

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