Grieving Rustington mother ‘trapped’ in home where her baby daughter died

Kirsty Green with her daughter Mollie-Mae, who died aged two months
Kirsty Green with her daughter Mollie-Mae, who died aged two months

A grieving mother has felt trapped in the home where her daughter died after not being able to move out.

Kirsty Green was trying to leave her maisonette in Churchill Parade, Rustington, for months.

But the 22-year-old’s situation turned into a daily nightmare after her two-month-old daughter Mollie-Mae died suddenly in Kirsty’s bedroom on December 14.

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Despite trying to be strong for her son Christopher, two, Kirsty was left so traumatised that she now has to sleep in her living room. She said: “I can’t go upstairs to the room she died in, and when it’s dark I can’t be here on my own.

“I do get upset quite a lot, and I have panic attacks. I’m not in a good way.”

Kirsty moved into the three-bedroom property on June 15 with a friend on a 12-month joint contract for £875 a month. But weeks later the friend moved out, leaving Kirsty, who is on universal credit, unable to pay her rent.

After Mollie-Mae’s death, Kirsty renewed her efforts to leave for the sake of her mental health.

While her letting agents said they would end her contract if she found another private rental property, Kirsty said nowhere would accept her because she is £750 in rent arrears – despite Arun supporting her financially.

She said Arun could not put her into council housing while she had somewhere to live, leaving her with no option but to stay or end up homeless.

It meant plans to move in with her partner in Worthing fell through – and she is living with half of her belongings boxed up.

She said: “I need to get out of here.

“I’m not grieving properly; all the while I’m in the same space as where my daughter died I don’t feel I can be myself.”

An Arun spokesman said the council ‘has sympathy for Ms Green’s situation’, adding: “She has also been advised on the housing options that are open to her and the further help that the council can provide.”