Arundel Mullets: find out more about town’s proud tradition

Baby Lamb is an Arundel 'mullet'
Baby Lamb is an Arundel 'mullet'

A man helping to keep one of Arundel’s oldest traditions alive has spoken out about his work.

Last week, Emily Myerscough and Shaun Lamb shared their joy about the birth of their son, one of Arundel’s newest Mullets: a baby born in Arundel.

Following the news, Mark Phillips from The Arundel History Forum explained more about the Mullets’ history. He said: “The term ‘Mullet’ has been used over 200 years or more for those born within the Parish of Arundel. It came about due to the abundance of grey mullet that could be caught in the River Arun as it flowed through the town.

“People born in the town are proud to hold this ‘honorary’ historic title and recognise that their numbers are reducing each year.

“Just like them, I am also proud to be s third generation ‘Mullet’ and have a great love for the history of the town and people.”

Around three years ago, The Arundel History Forum republished the Mullet Register – last published in 1990 – and updated it with over 100 new names.

The register begins in the early 1900s and includes names and details of those who gave their permission for inclusion in the previous 1990 publication and new submissions. Emily and Shaun’s baby has been added to the register.

While Mark said they have no plans to reprint the register, existing copies of the last register can be bought by contacting

There are still a few available and the cost is £3.