Arun District Council explains whether you can cycle in Mewsbrook Park or not

Mewsbrook Park, Littlehampton
Mewsbrook Park, Littlehampton

Arun District Council has explained whether people can cycle in Mewsbrook Park or not after confusion on social media.

Several bemused parents posted on Facebook after changes to the signage in the popular Littlehampton park, which appeared to suggest cycling was prohibited - despite it being a popular spot to take children to ride bikes or scooters.

In response, an Arun District Council spokesman said: "A byelaw which prohibits cycling within Mewsbrook Park has been in place for many years, but historically the council has always taken a pragmatic view to enforcing this, as it recognises that there are many benefits to encouraging healthy pursuits within its parks.

"We would not consider it in the interests of the wider public to actively enforce against the responsible use of bicycles within the park.

"Following a review of signage within the park it was considered reasonable for the council to reinstate a reference to the actual byelaw in order to ensure that correct information was displayed to the public."