WHISPERING SMITH: No fire without smoke...

Picture: Eleanora D'Ambrosia
Picture: Eleanora D'Ambrosia

Great that the weather held fair for the annual bonfire celebrations, although how we can celebrate a man being tortured and burned alive when all he tried to do is what a lot of us feel like doing right now is beyond me – smiley face!

The torchlight procession was, as usual, a delight to watch.

Such fun those lumbering, whistling and wheezing old things and the steam engines were great as well.

I have nothing but praise for the organisers, the many volunteers and the great work they all do in raising money for so many worthwhile local good causes.

However, the environmentalist in me is a little uncomfortable as to the amount of polluting smoke we Brits belch into the atmosphere and across the country each year by the burning of so much good timber that could be recycled and reused.

Having said that, I have to admit that most of my burnable garden rubbish was at the heart of the inferno. Go figure!


BOGNOR again getting the dosh and the attention with pier and arcade renovation? We could do with some refurbishment on Littlehampton’s ‘iconic’ arcade.

Make the red footway more attractive, a decent sign at either entrance and do something about the drab, bleak windows of the estate agent’s and the chemist establishments not to mention the pigeon poop.

It could well be one of the main routes to the seaside if it were to be smartened up a bit.


CHECK out the soundtrack on TV’s The Shannara Chronicles, the fantasy adventure based on the Terry Brooks novels, series two, episode two on Channel 5.

Lovely singer and a lovely song, written and performed by my lovely daughter, Hattie.

One very proud dad here – www.youtube.com/watch?v=HaWXZe1ZzBU.


MANY thanks for all of your comments and questions regarding the Windy Ridge nostalgia article – I hope I have responded sensibly to all.

And you Gazette readers down there in Australia, good on you, mates!