WHISPERING SMITH: I do like a walk along the prom, prom, prom

Moorhens in Mewsbrook Park
Moorhens in Mewsbrook Park

From Mewsbrook Park, where seven large ducklings were splashing happily around, the swan was sitting her island nest and the game little moorhens were having another bash at raising a brood, I walked westerly along the promenade this last bright sunny Sunday afternoon.

As I wandered, so I wondered, about the massive line of rusting pipe stretching its length for over 200 yards.

It began at the Carpenter’s Rest Home and ended at the sewage pumping station.

I guess it is pumping sewage along that piping to where the offshore outlet pipe discharges into the sea while a tunnel is dug beneath to minimise disruption.

Southern Water claim it is to make improvements to the current sewage network.

I noted that there was no finishing date on the space indicated on the noticeboard but SW say work will be completed by the summer, but my guess is this unsightly rusty line is going to ride our prom well into the holiday period after which, I hope, it will be removed.

Further along, after what had been a very busy weekend, great to see that there was very little litter in evidence both on the green or on the beach.

This is due to the fact that council workers were on patrol picking up and emptying the bins or perhaps, locals and visitors are taking greater care as to where they dump their rubbish – either way it was a great improvement.

Not such good feelings about the longest bench, I was never a huge fan of this project and now even less so.

Great lengths of it have been vandalised and are now taped off awaiting replacement work.

Damaged struts can be replaced but I have no idea as to what can be done about the sad fact that many of the sentiments left by loved ones are indecipherable due to the ravages of the weather, permanent memorials they most certainly are not.


LITTLEHAMPTON’S past mayor Billy Blanchard-Cooper is no longer the past mayor but is set to once again wear the town’s chain of office.

Councillor Dr James Walsh, the mayor elect, was set to take on the role but will be indisposed for much of the year and feels he could not fulfil the role in a way that he would have wished and so nominated last year’s mayor and the council agreed.

I understand that this is only the second time it has happened whereby the town council elected the office to be filled by the same councillor for two consecutive years.

I wish James a speedy recovery and Billy the very best of luck for another great year.

Congratulations, sir, you are both colourful and effective which, in my humble opinion, is a rare combination for a local councillor!


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